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Don't Sacrifice Your Manufacturer CSI Bonus!
Boost Your Survey Scores And Build Your Google Ranking All in One!

Discover the PROVEN, completely "DONE FOR YOU" Solution Dealers in Canada use...

Automatically build your search ranking, collect and syndicate 5-Star Reviews from your Customers on the sites Buyers actually trust! Don't leave your CSI Scores to chance. Know early of any customer service issues before they are sent the CSI survey allowing you time to rectify the situation and turn a potentially bad CSI score into a great one.

  • Build Real Trust on the Web.
  • Convert Leads From Google Search.
  • Maximize Ad Spend & Stand Out Online.
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    Stand Out Online.
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    Save Up to 75% vs. Other "Rater" Services.


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How it Works...

Your dedicated Customer Experience Specialist works with your BDC to ensure that all your previous day customers who took delivery are entered into your system.

Your customer receives a dealership-branded, personalized Text Message & Email with a link and simple instructions. Plus they will receive a personal Voice Message from your Dealership's GM.

We post to Google Reviews (Facebook, Yelp & many others also available) and syndicate to all your Social Networks and Websites.

3 Easy Steps to Get Running "Flat Out" Today…

1. Custom-Branded Communication

  • Our Dedicated Customer Experience Specialist Does The Entire Set Up & Launch With Your Staff
  • We Customize Everything For You. Including Your SMS/MMS, Your Emails & Unique Webpage
  • Full Support & 24/7 Access to Our Specialized Automotive Video Tutorial Library

2. Gather Trusted Google Reviews Automatically

  • 30 Second Deployment: Add Your Customer's Name, Phone Number & Email (or upload a list) and Our Software Automatically Sends Personalized Text, Direct to Voicemail Messages and Emails on Your Behalf Encouraging Customers to Leave a Review
  • Follow Up on AutoPilot: What if Your Customer Doesn't Leave a Review Right away? No Problem! Our System Follows Up Automatically to Ensure Success
  • Maximizes Your Ad Spend: Don't Unknowingly Lose Deals to Your Competitor. If You Spend on Ads Then Show Up Weak on Google They are Stealing Your Deals
  • No "Copy & Paste" : It's Simple for Customers & You! Positive Reviews Automatically Syndicate from Google to Facebook & Twitter
  • No Tech Know-How Required: Don't Understand Social Media, Review Sites & How It All Links Together? No Problem! Our System Makes it Easy and Our Team of Experts has You Covered
  • Automotive Best Practices: Get the Most Important & Up-to-Date Information on How to Maximize Review Success with Our Video Tutorial Library
  • Search Engine Dominance: Where Would You Rather Post Your Reviews - A Relatively Unknown 3rd Party Site or Google? Which is Better for Your Search Ranking?
  • Protect Your Reputation:  3rd Party Sites are Seen as a "Scam" by Consumers. Because We are in a "Negative Reputation Industry" You Must Guard Your Reputation & Leverage the Google & FB Brands to Your Advantage

3. Fully Integrated Social Media

  • Set Up to Syndicate Automatically. Now You Get 3x the Power With Every Review
  • Post Your 5-Star Google Reviews Directly to Your Dealership Website on AutoPilot
  • Tech Set-Up & Social Media Syndication All Completely Done For You By Our Specialists
  • Your Customers Create Your Social Media Content For You - Their Positive Reviews!
  • Maximize Ad Spend. Don't Lose Sales. Show Up Strong on Social Media & Google Search

Why not just use another "Rater" service?

Here's what you need to know...

  • Reviews on Google are by far the MOST Trusted by Consumers. Leverage this Trust & Stand Above Your Competition.
  • Consumers have Low Confidence in 3rd Party Review Sites. Buyers Trust Facebook & Google.
  • Save Time & Boost Your Review Power! Automatic 3x Syndication to Social Media is Key to Your Online Success.
  • Google Owns Search. Your 5-Star Reviews Massively Influence Your Search Engine Rank on Google. 3rd Party Sites Can't Compete.
  • You Save a HUGE $10,000 to $12,000 Per Year Using Google & Facebook as Your Rock-Solid Review Foundation.
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    Unlike Other Review Systems, We know Manufacturer Surveys pay! So we Provide a Unified Solution That Helps You Get Your Scores Above Zone While Building Your Reviews. With You'll Never Have to Sacrifice One For The Other Again!

In the first month we collected 39 new 4 & 5 Star Reviews on Google and syndicated them all automatically to Facebook. It was done automatically. My Staff never had to touch a thing. Our overall rating is 4.9 and our Customers are talking about it!

Todd M.Owner
Brad S. General Sales Manager

This is so easy, and I'm getting lots of traction on Google and Facebook. I don't want to have to think about how it all works, but I knew I needed to find a solution so my store is seen online. I pay way less than what I would on [other rater sites] and the service has been amazing. 

More Repeat Customers... 
More Reviews... Zero Stress!

Your Dealership Reviews Matter to Consumers

Just look at the numbers...

68 %
of Car Buyers

stated they used the Internet to select an Auto Dealer in the Past 12 Months...


of Consumers stated that they trust Online Reviews as much as a Personal Recommendation.

Positive Reviews have real, actual impact on Car Buying Decisions. Reviews influence both attitude and the actions of your Prospects. They have a direct impact on whether a Buyer chooses you
over your Competitors.


of Consumers stated the Online Reputation of a Dealer was the most important factor in choosing.

That's nearly A THIRD of your Buyers looking at reputation and NOT PRICE!!! In fact, the number one trait that Consumers said was the most important to them in their decision of one Dealer
over another: Trustworthiness.

30-Day FULL Money-Back Guarantee

We’re extremely confident that you'll love (and profit immensely from) using
In fact, we offer an unconditional 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee.

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Here's what you get:

  • Complete Expert Concierge Set Up Service
  • Custom-Branded Multi-Media Text, Emails & Landing Page
  • Unlimited Recipients, Text & Email Sends
  • Exclusive Dealer Voice Direct™ 
  • Easy to use Website, Email & QR Code Widgets 
  • Instant Social Media Response Capability
  • Social Media Integration & Syndication
  • Save $10,000 to $12,000 per Year
  • Automotive "Best Practices" Video Tutorial Library
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • 30-Day Zero-Hassle Full Money Back Guarantee